The Loving Disciple

A Bible Study Based on the Three New Testament Letters of the Apostle John

by Robert L. Tasler

Loving Disciple

In today’s confusing world, what does it mean to love someone? What does the Bible say about loving people and also God in their daily walk? What is the “Antichrist” and is it active in the world today? Despite being the youngest of the Twelve Apostles, John was given responsibility for Jesus’ mother Mary at the crucifixion. His letters reflect his genuine commitment to living by God’s love and showing people how we can reflect it in our daily life. A Lutheran Pastor for 45 years, Rev. Tasler combines scriptural knowledge and Christian insight into understanding and applying these three short letters by the “Disciple whom Jesus loved.” The twelve sessions in this guide are good for either group or individual Bible study.

Paperback, 58 pages @ $5.99 ea.

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